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Digital Payment

Occoquan community gift cards

An easy to use Mastercard gift card, specifically for businesses in Occoquan, VA!

The Visit Occoquan Card can be spent at any business that accepts Mastercard in Occoquan. There are two purchase options:

Physical Card

Purchase a plastic card in any amount, which will be shipped to you (or your recipient) and arrive within 7-10 days. There is even a bulk purchase option for employee gifts!

E-gift Card

This virtual option gives you access to funds immediately, by sending the card to you (or your recipient's) email address. This is great for last minute gifts where you want to send something right away.

Where you can use them


Use your Visit Occoquan Card in person or online at participating Town of Occoquan businesses!*

See a full list of participants here.

*Note: Not all businesses have online stores. Businesses opt-in to this free program. If your favorite place is not included, let us know and we'll reach out and make sure they know about it!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an old Occoquan Business Partners or Occoquan Merchants Guild paper gift card. Can I still use it?

Yes! The list of businesses who accept the old cards can be found here. Please note, the list is different than those who accept the new cards and the old cards cannot be used online. 


If you would like to transfer your old card to a new one, please email us at and we can take care of that for you!

Do businesses in Occoquan pay to be part of this program?

Nope! This programs is FREE for any Occoquan business that wants to participate. If you are an eligible business that would like to participate, email us to be added.


How do I check my balance?

For plastic cards, enter your card ID in to this form to see the balance available. For e-Gifts, open the email you received and click the "open gift" button.

Can I use my card for food delivery or lodging apps?

Unfortunately, no. Food delivery and lodging apps like Doordash and AirBNB take the money directly, then payout to the local business, making it impossible for the system to know if the money is being spent in Occoquan or not.

How soon does my card work?

You can spend your card immediately!

Does the balance expire?

Gift funds expire after 5 years and are charged a monthly fee of 5% after 1 year of inactivity.

Who runs the program and do they profit from it?

Visit Occoquan Inc. is a local non-profit and the program coordinator of the Occoquan Gift Cards. We are run by volunteers and do not profit from this program, nor do we charge businesses to be included.

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