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Photo of a kayak ramp under a large bridge

Kayak Ramp

The Town of Occoquan, Virginia kayak ramp (opened Sep 2020) is free and open to the public. It can be accessed through the 8-hour parking lot under the Route 123 bridge. The ramp has direct access into the Occoquan River (connecting to the Potomac River) and is accessible for people with mobility disabilities.


Bird Watching

Occoquan is a great place to watch and photograph numerous species of waterfowl and raptors including ospreys, blue heron, eagles, mallards, Canadian geese, kingfishers, and more. The entire Town of Occoquan is designated as a bird sanctuary.

Photo of a park with a white gazebo and pink blooming tree

Mamie Davis Park

Occoquan’s Mamie Davis Park (205 Mill Street) was named in honor of the late, long-time resident and town official, Ms. Mamie Davis. Located at the intersection of Washington Street and Mill Street, this small grassed and shaded public area features a gazebo, and connects to the town’s public boardwalk and pier. It is often used as a setting for weddings, receptions, and other events. LEARN MORE

Photo of River Mill Park

River Mill Park

The Town of Occoquan, in partnership with Prince William County and Fairfax Water, developed River Mill Park, a one-acre park along the Occoquan River with a public restroom, event pavilion, open space, and paved walking trail. River Mill Park was opened to the public in July of 2016 and is used by the Town to host concerts and other family-friendly events, as well as by the community for various public and private events. LEARN MORE

Photo of Mill House Museum

Mill House Museum

The Mill House Museum contains an eclectic collection of documents, photographs, and other artifacts related to Occoquan's history and that of the surrounding region. Over 400 items are catalogued and many of these are on permanent display. One strength is the Society's collection of Occoquan-related photographs. While a number of these are on display in the Museum, many more have yet to be catalogued and made available to the general public. LEARN MORE

Photo of a footbridge over the river, surrounded by trees.


Originally built in 1800, the Nathaniel Ellicott Bridge connected vehicles from the Town of Occoquan to Fairfax County as part of the "Great Mill Route." In 1878 an iron truss bridge was erected until a more modern highway replaced it in 1928. In 1972 Hurricane Agnes washed away the bridge and a footbridge replaced it. The footbridge was renovated in 2016 when River Mill Park was installed, including additions of new handrails and street lamps.

Photo of the town boardwalk and pier

Town Boardwalk & Pier

The Town of Occoquan Boardwalk and Public Dock are accessible via Mamie Davis Park (205 Mill Street) or Coopers Alley (between 125 and 200 Mill Street). Public picnic tables and benches are available for public use.

DOCKING: Contact Town Hall at 703-491-1918 for information on docking fees and restrictions.

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