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Glory Be: Antiques and Hometown Warmth

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Spend some time looking at home decor online, and you’ll find page after page of visually striking but ultimately hollow rooms. Pristine spaces and clean lines make even the most “rustic” rooms feel posed and sterile. There’s none of the human warmth that transforms a house into a home.

Thankfully, Glory Be is the remedy to such emptiness. Their antiques and cozy decor transform any space into a home. But they aren't your average antique store. Read on to learn what makes Glory Be such a remarkable place.

Glory Be To…

In 2004, Marla Cook decided to take a leap of faith. Crafting was central to her life, bringing her success in crafts shows and fairs all around Northern Virginia. So when a space came available in Occoquan, Marla jumped in with both feet.

But life is rarely straightforward. And shortly after she set to work, Marla received a devastating diagnosis. Not one to give up on her dreams, she dug in and continued to work to prepare her new store for opening, even while undergoing treatment.

She had been set on naming her new shop Three Sisters as an homage to her family. But as her treatments wore on, she discovered that she had the support of more than just her sisters. Friends and family flocked to Marla's aid, helping her through both harsh treatments and the manual labor of preparing for her grand opening. So great was their support that Marla decided to change the store's name to Glory Be. The new name honored her faith and gratitude for filling her life with such wonderful people.

By 2018, Glory Be had become an iconic stop on Mill Street, but Marla was considering retirement. And once again, fate intervened to keep her vision alive. Traci Hoffman had been dreaming of one day owning a store like Glory Be. When she shared her aspirations with her neighbor, Marla's daughter, that fantasy took the first step toward reality. By May 2019, Traci was the new owner of Glory Be.

Antiques, Gifts, and Beyond

Glory Be is, at its heart, an antique store. Their homey collection aims to bring warmth and welcome wherever they go. These treasured finds celebrate any space and fill each room with love.

Antiques aren't their only offerings. Glory Be features a wide range of folk art, vintage decoys, Polish Pottery, home decor, candles, and gifts. Each is imbued with a cozy comfort that recalls cherished memories of hometown hospitality. In a world where we find ourselves surrounded by so much soulless plastic, these treasures of warm wood, hand-crafted metal, and butter-soft textiles delight the senses and spirit.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

"This store has blessed me today," one customer recently told Traci after finding the perfect purchase. Interactions like that characterize the atmosphere of Glory Be. “People come in, and whether they buy anything or not, I think they just enjoy being here,” said Traci. And that’s the spirit of place Traci strives to maintain, as Marla had—a place where people could visit and feel just a little bit better about their day.

Traci has decorated the space to reflect the kind of home her wares encapsulate. The result is an inviting haven of hometown Americana off Mill Street, in one of Virginia's last truly historic towns. It's a place where people can feel like they still belong. In fact, if you've been in before, there's a good chance the staff will even know your name.

Meet Glory Be

If the home is where the heart is, then you just might find your heart in Glory Be. Visit their shop on Mill Street to experience the warmth and welcome of a bygone era.

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