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Occoquan Guide to Holiday Gifting

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Whether you are the person who starts their holiday shopping in late summer, when the sun is still bright and the crowds are sporting tank tops, or you are an it's-Christmas-Eve-I-better-get-started kind of shopper, Occoquan is your go-to place for unique and special gifts for the holidays. This year we invite you to treat your family and friends (and coworkers and acquaintances) to something a little different.

The phrase "shop small" became popular in recent years and grew in strength during the pandemic, as shoppers flocked to locally owned businesses to show their support. Where small shops differ from the big guys is in their well thought through products, personal recommendations, and friendly staff.

Occoquan boutiques tend to stock an abundance of unique giftables, from hand crafted specialties to locally made artisan goods, perfect for holiday gifting. Take a look at what we recommend this season!


WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP: The craftspersons and artists who reside in Occoquan's premiere galleries offer a plethora of unique styles from fine art and stunning handmade jewelry to original multimedia pieces and usable art. Ask about a commissioned piece (but we recommend doing that very early in the season!).


WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP: Being at home more the past few years has created an uptick in people traveling and gifting experiences instead of physical items. Whether it's a romantic dinner out or a trip to the Caribbean, we can get you set up with a gift that is sure to hold memories for years to come.

WHERE YOU SHOULD SHOP: Patriot Scuba, Occoquan Spirits Ghost Tours, Forever Young, Paint Your Heart out, and any of our award-winning restaurants.


WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP: Personalized gifts are more than just monograms these days. Find custom stationery, unique jewelry, and do-it-yourself crafts, for an extra special gift. Pro Tip: Personalized gifts take time. Be sure to shop in advance so you have plenty of time to order and receive your gifts.

WHERE YOU SHOULD SHOP: Paint Your Heart Out, Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers, Local Colour of Old Town, and Hitchcock Paper Co.


WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP: One thing you're bound to find in small shops are locally and U.S. made gifts. Boutiques specialize in items you can't find at the big stores, so it's no surprise Occoquan is full of goods from makers right here in town and across the nation.

WHERE YOU SHOULD SHOP: All American Makers, Gift & Gather, Organic

Allure, Apiary Market, and So Bohemian.


WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP: While you may think of Occoquan for it's semi-annual Arts & Crafts Shows, our in-town retailers have exceptional options for luxe jewelry, clothing, handbags, eyewear, and beauty products.

WHERE YOU SHOULD SHOP: Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers, Riina Mettas Jewelry, Curate, Elements, and Occoquan Optical.


WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP: Because you can't go wrong with tasty treats at the holidays. And locally made delicacies are even better! Find everything from candy and treats for stocking stuffers to whole pies and baked goods for your celebrations.

WHERE YOU SHOULD SHOP: Potomac Chocolate, Mom's Apple Pie, Nazbros Fudge & Chocolates, So Olive, Leaf & Petal, and Mill Street Sweets.


WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP: Can you have enough holiday decor? We think not. Occoquan is a great place to find home decor and ornaments for the Christmas season!

WHERE YOU SHOULD SHOP: Glory Be, VanEch Studio, Gift & Gather, Hitchcock Paper Co., It's Your Day, and Urban Posh Boutique.


WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP: We won't narrow this just down to the men in our lives, but we all have that one person who is just soooo hard to shop for. Either they don't want anything or they have everything they need. What's a gifter to do?

WHERE YOU SHOULD SHOP: Man Overboard, Puzzle Palooza, So Bohemian, All American Makers, 13 Magickal Moons, and any of our art galleries.


WHY YOU SHOULD SHOP: Now that you've found all the gifts you need (and a few for yourself hopefully), treat yourself to a spa treatment, new hair color, or pedicure right here in town.

WHERE YOU SHOULD SHOP: Forever Young, Good Hair Day Salon, Curate, Salon 8 Hair & Nails Salon, Dansk Day Spa, Leggy Lashes, Tulia Qi Integral, Shear Glo Beauty Bar, and Be Always Beautiful.

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