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Hitchcock Paper Co: Finding the Perfect Words

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

They say letter writing is a lost art. Yet, sometimes only the written word can adequately express what is so often left unspoken. In those moments, the details matter. No cookie-cutter card, carelessly chosen, will do. You need something special. You need Hitchcock Paper Co.

Hitchcock Paper is a place for complete communication where you can find exactly what you need to express your truest sentiments. But they aren’t just any stationery store. Read on to discover what makes Hitchcock Paper a step above the rest.

From Maker to Manifestation

The first pen stroke that would eventually manifest into Hitchcock Paper was marked over a decade before the store opened its doors. At the time, owner Sarah Hitchcock Burzio was working for the Special Events office of the Kennedy Center. They were looking for a new take on an invitation design for an upcoming event, and Sarah’s manager asked her to take a stab at it. The result was a hit.

Sarah was hooked. She spent the next several years teaching herself graphic design. Her efforts ultimately led her to establish Hitchcock Creative, her graphic design firm, in 2008. In the interceding years, Sarah has worked on many high-profile projects for organizations like the National Symphony Orchestra and the Washington National Opera.

Finally, in 2018, Sarah sensed an opportunity in Occoquan when the owners of Hawthorne House, a stationary store, retired after 30 years in town. She wasted no time. And within a month of finding an open space in Riverwalk, Hitchcock Paper opened to the public.

All Things Written, Drawn, or Scrawled

Hitchcock Paper Co. is, in many ways, a celebration of the written word and paper-based arts. Their primary business is greeting cards and stationery. But they offer a number of novelty gifts linked by a love of the written word. Pen, calligraphy sets, and wax seals are among their most popular items. They also carry journals, guest books, candles, coloring books, and more.

Their greeting card selection is something to be envied. Here you will find cards for every occasion, well beyond the commercial holiday selection stocked at most big box stores. And if you happen to be looking for a card for one of the few holidays they don’t stock, the team at Hitchcock Paper Co. is more than happy to order one that meets your needs.

Or they may just create one for you. Hitchcock Paper also designs their own line of snarky and sweet cards.

A Peaceful Place To Be One Of the Family

Sarah and her team pride themselves on their family atmosphere. In the beginning, Sarah staffed the store alone. However, since opening, the Hitchcock Paper Co. staff has swelled to include an additional 10 employees.

Of those, most are military spouses and mothers. A couple are even the daughters of other employees. And when you visit, you may even find other children, including Sarah’s daughter, working quietly on their school work.

And Hitchcock Paper has the right kind of atmosphere for such work. It’s a serene spot with a gorgeous view of the river. And you can browse for hours without disruption or pressure.

Visit Hitchcock Paper Co.

Hitchcock Paper is a sanctuary for personal communication. So when you need to express yourself in just the right way, visit them online or on the waterfront. You are sure to find the right words for any occasion.

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