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Press Release: Occoquan Merchants Guild Changes Name

Occoquan Merchants Guild votes to

change name to Occoquan Business Partners

(Occoquan)—At the July partnership meeting of the former Occoquan Merchants Guild, the attending members called a vote to change the organizations name from the Occoquan Merchants Guild to the Occoquan Business Partners. The vote was passed with 17 yea votes, 0 nays, and 1 abstained.

The changes comes at a time when the organization is trying to move to a more inclusive group which fully represents all businesses in Occoquan. “Many people indicated to us that the word ‘merchant’ was very specific to stores and boutiques,” says Sarah Hitchcock Burzio, Vice President. “The Partners not only represent shops, but also restaurants, galleries, accountants, realtors, and town-based online businesses. Under the new name, home-businesses have options to join and benefit from the organization.”

The Occoquan Business Partners’ goal is to enhance the visitor and resident experience in Occoquan through events, business activities, and tourism. The Partners co-produce the popular Occoquan Visitors Guide which pays for itself through business advertisements. They work closely with the Town of Occoquan, but are a separate entity. The Partners are led by six volunteer board positions made up of business owners, including President Merial Currer, owner of Patriot Scuba and Vice President Sarah Hitchcock Burzio, owner of Hitchcock Paper Co.

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